Foot Lake 4

dsc_09212Proud of these two runners, Nadira (9) and Abdi (231). They had a great race day! I (51) was happy to contribute to their participation in the Heart n’ Sole Running Club. This is what M4M is all about. When kids get a chance to participate in sports, they are learning valuable lessons that can last a lifetime.

Just look at that smile!


Donating some $ to help kids participate

Yesterday was a good day as I presented a donation to Steve Brisendine, director of Community Ed and Rec. I know that it will not go far as the need is much more, but it’s a start, and a start of a partnership that I hope M4M can make an impact and help some kids participate in sports activities. Community Ed and Rec is such an asset to our community. I want to say thank you to Steve for all his hard work over the years. IMG_0626 (1)

Hat Day

What a fun day withe the kids at the Heart n’ Sole Running Club. Here I’m running with my new friend Samuel. Told him we were going to work on getting him some running shoes. Kids got good form unlike the old dude next to him. Have been having a lot of fun volunteering with this local kids running club. Here we are on the Glacial Lakes Running Trail near Willmar. It’s a great place to run. Flat and scenic with some sun and shade. Looking forward to a great summer. Knee is on the mend and looking for more opportunities to help the kids. -Peace

5-16-18 Heart n Sole Hat Day

Heart n Sole Running Club 1st Day

This photo is of the first two grant recipients from M4M. It’s for the Heart N Sole Running Club runners Abdi and Nadira. They love running and are going to be awesome at it. I look forward to inspiring them and more young kids like these two. Big smile day today! I have received a lot of support for this endeavor and I am humbled. Thank you to all those who have contributed. Great things are just starting! Peace  Heart n Sole kids

Feeling good for all the right reasons!

I was contacted yesterday by one of the child guides at one of our elementary schools. She said she had a couple young 4th graders that needed some financial help in order to join the Heart n Sole running club. This is my first opportunity to help through my charity. And today another child guide from another elementary school said she may have a couple more kids that would like to participate, but need some assistance. I could not be more stoked!

I just want to help young kids participate in opportunities like this. Maybe they need running shoes… We’ll see. Stay tuned. Peace


Considering the miles I’ve put in this spring I have a good feeling I may be doing a run walk at Superior next month. My longest run has been 6.5 and the race is a 25k. But the thing is, I’m OK with that. It’s not about setting a record or a PR. I know what my limits are and believe me, this race will be pushing me way beyond what I’ve trained for. But I’m still excited. My runs have been good and although I’ve had plenty of set backs I look forward to this summer of running, biking and swimming.  Peace