It’s been awhile…

Ya know, I’m not sure how many people read this, or if anyone has ever read one of my blogs, but it just feels good to write. I don’t type very fast at all and that may have some thing to do with it. I should employ voice to text and it would be much easier to do more often. At age 54 I don’t think this is going to get too much better.

Some things that are happening… Still doing miles. Though its been more swimming and biking on the trainer than anything else. I have a lingering pain on the top of my left foot that doesn’t seem to want to go away so running has been but on hiatus.  Had an x-ray that didn’t show a stress fracture but sure feels like it. My have to have an MRI. I do need to get that look at by a specialist.

I’m excited to be in for the Escape from Alcatraz Tri and apprehensive for the Wisconsin IM. Just need to find a good coach for cheap or a plan that will guide me. I just hope the foot is nothing. I’ll probably run the Turkey Leg if we stay in town.

Having a board meeting the 14th of Nov and will brainstorm what next year looks like. Want to make an impact, just not sure where, or what it will look like. One idea is to buy shoes for all Heart n Sole participants next year. That’s about 50 pair. Hoping Brooks may give me some help. Have put in for their grant. Give to the Max day is coming up. But M4M is not on the map yet so not sure how that will work.

I am going to try and get some recognition before then and get the word out, Goal is the raise $20,000.00 next year. Big goal but that’s what this is all about. Reaching for the sky to help kids.


A “BIG” year coming up in 2019

This coming year I am competing in two of my bucket list events. Yesterday I found out I was chosen by lottery to compete in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. I’ve been putting in for this for almost 10 years now. The event happens to fall on my wife Renee and I’s anniversary. What a day that will be. I called her and asked if she wanted to go to San Francisco for our anniversary. Her reply “Well ya”. In which I replied “oh, and by the way, I’m going to do a triathlon”. This will be so much fun. Can’t imagine swimming from Alcatraz Island to San Fran. Going to be a highlight for sure.

Second is the IronMan Wisconsin in Madison September 8th. I have wanted to do a full IM since I was 14. I guess it’s never too late.

Needless to say there will be a lot of long training days and I’m hoping that I can stay healthy the whole time. With knee problems, it always seems just a wrong turn or twist away from a major set back. I will be doing some strength training this off season to offset this and hoping that I will be in top notch form come this summer.

So what’s this mean for M4M? Well I’m going to be tracking miles and asking businesses and individuals to give for my efforts. In turn hoping to raise funds for mentoring through sports. Giving kids an opportunity to participate in sports is a way of mentoring. More than 1 in 6 children in SW Minnesota are poor. But sports participation is high in SW Minnesota, and especially in poorer districts, compared to the national. I’m hoping to connect with service organizations and schools to help identify the need. I think if Miles4Mentors can be a resource for helping the kids who need it and make a difference in lives of kids and communities.


You can help Miles4Mentors by sponsoring Paul

Earlier this month I ran the Moose Mountain Marathon as part of the Superior Fall Trail Races. It was a great experience and I finished well ahead of my planned time. By 52 minutes. 6:08 was my time and I was hoping to go under 7. I have been getting a lot of feedback as to what Miles4Mentors is all about. Many people liked the idea of sponsoring a runner and giving a certain amount per mile that they run. I think this will be a topic at the next board meeting. I should have done that for this event. And as I look towards upcoming events, I have a big one come next year; IRONMAN Wisconsin. It’s been on my bucket list for years, and I’m not getting any younger. This will be a great opportunity to fund raise for M4M and help mentoring in our local Willmar area. Young kids need opportunities to participate in sports and activities, not to be limited by if they can afford it or not. Sports teaches our kids many life lessons, and it’s my vision to help disadvantaged kids to be able to experience playing in a sport they love, not to be denied because the fees are too expensive. So this year I will be swimming, biking and running… A lot!

So please consider helping me help the kids. Thank you


In honor of Autumn Nicole McLain

Myself and Miles4Mentors are dedicating this weekends race, Moose Mountain Marathon, in memory my step daughter Autumn. She passed away last year Sept 30th from a tragic car accident. She was a mentor. To many young girls, she dedicated her time to teaching them dance. The girls she taught loved her as she was such a good teacher. She was a dedicated dancer through Colleens School of Dance and in high school as a captain for the Willmar Cardettes. She had a passion for mentoring young girls through teaching dance. She was so good at it. Her passion was for helping others succeed, through dance, her job and in her daily life, is truly the meaning of mentoring. She loved to help people. In her honor, I am running! Love and miss you Crazy Autumn Girl!


Autumn and Max 1

Moose Mt Marathon Lutsen, MN

What I’ll be doing next weekend! 26.2 miles of some of the most gnarly trails in trail running. This is a picture from the course I took last year when I volunteered at this race. It’s along the Temperance River going to Carlton Peak. Needless to say this will be a test of willpower. I’m not in the best shape for this considering… But I’m actually really looking forward to it. It’s been on my bucket list. Pursue your dreams… You never know what tomorrow may bring!


Moose Mt Marathon Stairway toMoose Mt Marathon

Kinda of BIG DEAL!

This is what happens when you don’t write for a while. We were at the Foxhole’s 3rd Anniversary Block Party this year. Thanks to Ryan and Liv Fuchs for having M4M be a part of this event. Renee and I work it all day and Alexa joined us for the late afternoon. Bands, food trucks, good beer and lots of people made for a great event. Made some great connections and raffled off a set of Slick Woody’s Custom Foxhole Edition boards. Raised some funds for the kids and got to talk to many good people about what we are doing in the community. Thanks to all who expressed interest and bought a raffle ticket. Was a great day for M4M.


Block Party Booth