Considering the miles I’ve put in this spring I have a good feeling I may be doing a run walk at Superior next month. My longest run has been 6.5 and the race is a 25k. But the thing is, I’m OK with that. It’s not about setting a record or a PR. I know what my limits are and believe me, this race will be pushing me way beyond what I’ve trained for. But I’m still excited. My runs have been good and although I’ve had plenty of set backs I look forward to this summer of running, biking and swimming.¬† Peace

Wish I could run a 1000 miles today…

It’s been 6 months since Autumn has past. Needless to say it’s been a very emotional day. Honestly, I wish I could just run, for a long long way. We miss her so much. She went out for cross country one year… She hated it. Makes me laugh to think see tried it. She was a funny young lady. I miss her.

I think I will go for a run…

Red Beard Run, 1st Bike Ride of the Season and MRI… And how was that?

What a day it was for a run (and a bike ride)! Met up with Steve at the Red Beard Run Saturday and had a great 4.4 mile run with a 7:50 mile. I was very happy with that. Haven’t raced in a GLCRS race in 2 years. Was good to see the old familiar faces. My legs and knee felt good considering I haven’t ran that pace for that long in over a year. Monday the knee was talking to me a bit, but is better today.

It was so nice out that day I took the new (used) bike out for a 10 mile ride. I love my new TREK. Though it is an Aluminum frame, it felt good and was very fast. Need some minor adjustments to get it just right but it was good to loosen the legs up a bit after the run.

Yesterday was my second MRI since July for my knee. I’m hoping that there is no further tearing of the meniscus and that I’ll continue to improve and not have any more set backs. After all M4M was founded on the idea that I would be doing miles for my charity. Can’t do the work if the knee is acting up. Last night I ran 3.5 on the treadmill at the Y and this morning it was a little stiff. Just hoping that this too will subside and improve with time.

Looking forward to Spring. But will have to wait… Snow suppose to start Friday AM till Saturday AM. 5-9 inches. Yuck! Well this is Minnesota… Peace



Running again with caution…

Wednesday I did a 4 miler that actually felt good and wasn’t at such a bad pace for a guy trying to get back at it. 8:14 pace. Whooohoo. It’s not so fast but I was feeling good and haven’t been running like this in weeks. So I’m just hoping to continue with mileage and getting stronger¬† and staying healthy. Tomorrow will be a good day for another run and maybe do Red Beard 4 mile. Just will need to remind myself to stay back and not over do it. It’s tough not to be competitive. I’m thankful to be this far and hoping not to have any more setbacks for a long time. Peace-

First Run in weeks…

Sunday went to the Y to give the knee a little test. Ran 3 miles with mile 2 being at a 7:30 pace. Seemed to be little stiff but loosened up after 1 mile and felt OK. Just out of shape a bit. We’ll see about how today goes. Plan on running 4 -5 at an easy pace since it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve been on a regular running schedule. And I was just getting back when the wheels came off Feb 15th.

Swimming has been my go too exercise. But looking at the bottom of a pool lap after lap is driving me crazy. I actually have biked on the trainer a couple times also. I’m just hoping the knee comes back with no additional tearing.

In the mean time I’ve been working on getting a race accepted into the Glacial Lakes Championship Running Series. It would be a 13.1 mile half marathon (Home front Connection Half) and a 1 mile fun run (Miles4Mentors 1 mile fun run). Yes that is correct, M4M is supporting a kids fun run. I have been given the name, Director, for this race. I’m praying that I can organize a great event. I’ll keep you posted.


No Running. But can you say… Cortisone?

Holy Cow! What a shot of Cortisone in the knee can do for you. I’m not endorsing getting this done, but it did help for me. Story goes… Friday night my daughter, my wife and I were out having a good night, being entertained by the Deuces Wild, Dueling pianos show. When Alexa decided to pull a dance move and hip check me in my right thigh. I’m not sure what that move is called, but if I was to name it, I’d call it “The Take Out”! I just about collapsed… and of course she didn’t know but that was my was my bad knee side. Immediately, I was at a 10 on the pain scale. I knew this was not good. Saturday morning I was in bad shape. Really bad shape. Renee suggested that I go in and get checked out, and she even drove me (She’s the best). The doctor said he thought it was my bursa and not my meniscus (that’s good news), so he suggested a shot of magic. I have never had a cortisone shot before, but man did that work like magic. So the re-injury from two weeks ago was still buggin me, and then the “Take Out Hip Check” about took me out literally, to a shot of magic and I feel so much better. Doc said to take it easy for 2 – 3 weeks. No running. Whammy 2 steps forward and 5 steps back. Anyway, still swimming, but the laps are driving me crazy. Need to invest in waterproof earbuds and an waterproof IPod shuffle before I go crazy. Peace

This is what it’s all about

Yesterday when I was with “the boys”, I heard some news that makes me proud and extremely happy. My boys are from the Boys Group Home. Wednesday late afternoons, Tom and I go pick up the boys that have “privileges” and get them out of the home for a while to, in a way, “speak life” to them. Just try and give them some guidance and let them know somebody cares. One boy in particular has not been able to join our group often, (darn privileges) seems like a really nice kid though, and he was able to join the group last week. I was unable to make it. In honor of Billy Graham, Tom showed them a video called “The Cross – Billy Graham’s Message to America”. It moved little Mathew in a way that he wants to know more about Jesus Christ. He asked Tom if he could get him a bible and if he would pray for him. Humbling stuff right there. To me “That’s what it’s all about”. Do the right thing… It’s the instinct of the human heart!